The inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk told about the state of medicine in the region

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In the occupied territories of Donbass catastrophic shortage of nurses and fear of vaccinations.

In the occupied territories of Donbass is getting worse every day social situation. Despite the fact that various self-proclaimed «authorities», constantly saying on TV that in the «country» everything is fine, the life of the common man every day is getting worse. It is no secret that cold weather increases the load on healthcare – people often suffer from various colds and viral diseases, and almost every year is breaking out of the epidemic of influenza. As it turned out, in the occupied territories of Donbass business in the medical field if catastrophic, that’s threatening to become so, at.

Free corruption
Declaring free medicine, in the so-called «DND», however, regularly take money for everything you can – from buying the gauze and bandages to pay for operations. «In the offices of physicians were boxes with the words «To office» – there patients suggest put a bit of money, at least 50 rubles (20 UAH). From the entire list of prescription medications one position I was given for free, the other nine had to buy the most – came out more than 2 thousand rubles (more than 800 UAH). Almost all pension. To live on a month – is unclear,» – said the pensioner from Donetsk Zinaida Prokop.

In fact, the level of corruption in the medical institutions in the occupied territories reached its maximum. Donetsk residents say that in urban hospitals, if desired, can solve almost any question concerning them in the least amount of time – if only the money was.

«To issue the sanitary book – 3500 rubles (1400 UAH). It is not necessary to undergo any screening tests, just pay the money and after two days of receiving the completed book. By the way, the required amount is rather big by today’s standards, told donchanka Catherine Bezzubova. – So my friend did to get a job as a waitress in a cafe and not a bit embarrassed, told me about it. And I think so do many employees of cafes and restaurants, but among them may be sick from intestinal infections to tuberculosis. Nobody checks these health books, anyone not interested, the main thing that taxes and bribes are regularly paid».

Medicine no doctors
In turn, the doctors just shrug their shoulders and complain about the lack of regular centralized supply of medicines, shortage of medical staff and virtually zero funding can literally affect the health of civilians.
«We really have no drugs for ordinary people, even for seniors – shrugs physician of Yuri. – We are constantly detained the salary. In «gorzdrave,» you know about the situation, but prefer to gloss over problems. On television they say that all is well, and in fact all – good. Granny come to me, saying: «I saw on TV… All you have… I’ll report you!», and after writing. But parent know about the situation, and understand that green paint all disease will not cure. So we have to spin – just say to yourself medication bought. Who can buy, but many of those who have simply no money».

However, doctors talk about a catastrophic shortage of nurses in hospitals. «With their salaries in 2-3 thousand rubles (800-1200 UAH) they run across several hospitals, earning a little here and there. Why not raise wages to get people back into the profession – don’t understand. Like and medical College work, and prepares nurses as they are every year becoming less,» says paramedic Vladislav Halchenko. – The critical situation with physicians who have a slightly higher salary. In some hospitals it comes to the fact that the night remains on duty only Junior staff – just not enough doctors. And imagine if someone happens aggravation that then.»

Big problems in small towns
The doctors shared that for their own means often that they can buy supplies for work. «Sometimes something will be brought out of Russian humanitarian aid, under the cameras of journalists will solemnly pass. Summer’s brought a few scalpels «Royal gift», – said the employee of a hospital in Makeyevka. – And by how to buy if money is paid so that food is not enough, not that the scalpels and clamps».

Some drugs come to the hospital under the guise of humanitarian aid. However, this is not enough, and doctors in hospitals and clinics in small towns send patients for medical care in Donetsk or Makeyevka – there the situation is better.
«My neighbor works at the hospital and immediately told me that I was going to give birth in Donetsk, – said the resident Yasinovataya Elena kokurina. Through the Internet I found a doctor in the hospital in the center of Donetsk, agreed. She announced the amount for delivery and postnatal care – 10 thousand rubles.» According to Elena, in the large medical centers of the occupied cities doctors would send patients to do an ultrasound, MRI or operation. «In small towns do not undertake complex surgery – say no funds, no equipment, no professionals, – said Yasinovataya. – Needless to say that patients, especially the elderly, are not able to pay for trips here and there and just postpone or discontinue treatment.»

Hospital Uglegorsk. Photo: AFP
«For us, even Donetsk became as abroad. There is one life, we have our own, quite different, – complains a resident of Ilovaysk Yuri. – Recently went to our local hospital, I was told to take the tests. But, the place – did not happen. They have no reagents, the equipment broke down. Okay, went to Donetsk, brought the test results. The doctor looked up, wrote the prescription – to treat the adrenal glands and says we hardly find a cure – better in Donetsk to look. I snapped, wondering me and Donetsk doctors to go? He didn’t answer. With such cases, and although before the war we had a good hospital, well, it seems as if «railroad» and such incidents never happened before».

PR on children
However, several times, «the authorities DND» announced a campaign of vaccination – polio, flu. For one thing, powerful PR on this. Like, do care about the health of ordinary people. However, few have used such a proposal, citing a fear of vaccines that is not how got in the occupied territory.
«What if the vaccine carried simply in a bag, not observing the regime of sterility and temperature? Someone go check it out, for the authorities the main thing – to create a picture of caring about people, and what is actually in those vaccines – God only knows. To risk not going, – said the mother of sixth-grader Donetsk Irene Berry. The son came home from school and announced that they offer free to get a flu shot Russian vaccine. The type of action «Child + one adult». I immediately said that any vaccinations without me not to do, and if you want something to offer in this respect, I must inform me or your father. But by the way, the son said that many of the children agreed to the vaccine, they instill and reported to parents after vaccination. I believe that this is unacceptable, the authorization should give the parents, not the child. He may not know that, for example, he has a protein intolerance or never had vaccination for health reasons».

Cheaper than anywhere else
Interestingly, «the Ministry of health DND» says that the prices of medicines in the occupied cities 75-80% cheaper than in controlled areas or equal for the price. However, the statistics are not specific drug names, and groups. They say, «the prices below on the following medicines: for treatment of cough tablets (48-65%); anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic tablets (43-56%); hypoglycemic tablets (39 to 60%)», etc. none of the comparative characteristics of «Ministry of health» is not provided.

Shakhtar have a different point of view. «Medications for the winter we stocked last fall, when I was in Bakhmut on business. How would not convinced in Donetsk local «authorities» that drugs are cheaper here – as usual they lied. Conventional ammonia we bought for 4 UAH per bottle of 100 ml. In Donetsk, the same amount of ammonia produced in Russia, is 22 rubles (8 UAH at the NBU exchange rate). In the Bakhmut ointment for rubbing «the Other» – 65 UAH, in Donetsk – 285 rubles (114 UAH), cough syrup «Fluditec» – 90 UAH and in Donetsk – 385 roubles (154 UAH). What kind of cheap drugs you to say? And quality is another question. Often heard that people have a terrible allergic reaction to the Russian preparations or the absence of at least some therapeutic effect,» – shared donchanka Alena Samiska.Confirm the words of the Donetsk and pharmacists. «The cost of medicines, even it is difficult to comment, because all the preparations now we are receiving from Russia and they are cheaper than one. And there is the purchase price of almost everything higher than in Ukraine. By the way, interestingly, this medication on our special demand. People, of course, try to find something cheaper, but at the same time please pick up all sorts of drugs, but not Russian production. Complain that corny even that of no effect», – said the pharmacist, Victoria.

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