In Kiev rebelled, the students of the University. Shevchenko

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The University decided to save money on heating.

On November 24 during a meeting of students and leadership of the KNU named after T. Shevchenko last proposed to reduce the semester to save on heating, and the material will not have time to go — leave for self-study. Also, students were concerned with the question of scholarships, at .

Semester decided to reduce due to savings on the heat, as a result, the students offered to go to school on Saturdays (so you have time to go through more material for the reduced period). The exams that were to begin in January, moved at the beginning of December.

Student Parliament of the University has proposed three options to enter the school after the winter holidays. The first to go to school — February 14. Second — to go to school on 1 March and learn on Saturdays (this is the option which offers the University management). Third option — since March 1, all failed material left to students for self-study and without the output on Saturdays.

The guys were determined and stocked up creative slogans from the work of «Ocean Elzy».

Vice-rector Vladimir Bugrov rejected all options except the third since Saturday and so workers at all courses, except for prom (4-6).

Now students will vote on these options.

Students also raised the question of payment of scholarships. They were interested in — will affect change in curriculum on scholarship. They also asked questions about the new methods of scholarship with new year. The Provost said that he does not understand and all the questions to the government.

Graduated students chanting, «no fellowship, eat of the Ministers!».Recall that a semester at KNU named after Shevchenko was reduced due to saving on heating. According to students, the session was supposed to start in January, but exams start in two weeks.

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